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Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics, 2/e (with CD)

by Mike Crundell, Geoff Goodwin, Chris Mee

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Written for Cambridge International Examinations AS and A Level Physics (9702), this book covers the entire syllabus and is divided into separate sections for AS and A Level. The Student’s CD includes interactive tests, topic summaries, revision checklists and a glossary. • Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations for syllabus 9702 • Follows the syllabus exactly • AS and A Level content is clearly differentiated • Written by experienced authors and examiners • Past paper questions from Cambridge examinations at the end of every chapter • Includes a free Student’s CD which focuses on revision and practice Cambridge International Examinations and Hodder Education Hodder Education works closely with Cambridge International Examinations and is an authorised publisher of endorsed textbooks for a wide range of Cambridge syllabuses and curriculum frameworks. Hodder Education resources, tried and tested over many years but updated regularly, are used with confidence worldwide by thousands of Cambridge students. Contents: Acknowledgements • Introduction • Syllabus structure relating to book topics AS Level Topic 1 Physical quantities and units • Physical quantities • SI quantities and base units • Scalars and vectors Topic 2 Measurement techniques • Measurements • Errors and uncertainties Topic 3 Kinematics • Speed, displacement, velocity and acceleration Topic 4 Dynamics • Relationships involving force and mass • Weight • The principle of conservation of momentum Topic 5 Forces, density and pressure • Types of force • Moment of a force • Equilibrium of forces • Density and pressure Topic 6 Work, energy, power • Work • Energy • Kinetic energy • Power Topic 9 Deformation of solids • Force and deformation Topic 14 Waves • Wave motion • Graphical representation of waves • The determination of the frequency of sound using a calibrated c.r.o. • Doppler effect • The electromagnetic spectrum Topic 15 Superposition • Interference • Stationary waves • Measuring the speed of sound using stationary waves • Diffraction Topic 17 Electric fields • Electric forces and fields • Electricfield strength Topic 19 Current of electricity • Charge and current • Potential difference • Resistance Topic 20 D.C. circuits • Electrical circuits • Kirchhoff’s first and second laws • Potential dividers and potentiometers Topic 26 Particle physics • Atomic structure and radioactivity • Fundamental particles A Level Topic 7 Motion in a circle • Radian measure and angular displacement • Centripetal acceleration and centripetal force Topic 8 Gravitational fields • Gravitational field • Gravitational field strength • Gravitational potential and gravitational potential energy Topic 10 Ideal gases • Equation of state of an ideal gas • A microscopic model of a gas Topic 11 Temperature • Temperature • Temperature scales • Thermometers Topic 12 Thermal properties of materials • Solids, liquids and gases, and thermal (heat) energy • Internal energy Topic 13 Oscillations • Oscillations • Energy changes in simple harmonic motion • Free and damped oscillations • Topic 14 Ultrasound • The generation and use of ultrasound Topic 16 Communication • Communication channels • Modulation • Analogue and digital signals • Relative merits of channels of communication • Signal attenuation Topic 17 Electric fields • Point charges • Electric field strength due to a point charge • Electric potential energy and electric potential Topic 18 Capacitance • Capacitors and capacitance • Energy stored in a capacitor Topics 19 & 20 Electronic sensors • Sensing devices • The use of potential dividers Topic 21 Electronics • The ideal operational amplifier (op-amp) • Operational amplifier circuits • Output devices Topic 22 Magnetic fields • Concept of a magnetic field • Force on a current-carrying conductor • Force on a moving charged particle in a magnetic field • Magnetic fields due to currents • The use of (nuclear) magnetic resonance imaging Topic 23 Electromagnetic induction • Magnetic flux and electromagnetic induction Topic 24 Alternating currents • Characteristics of alternating currents • Transformers • Transmission of electrical energy • Rectification Topic 25 Quantum physics • Photoelectric emission of electrons and energy of a photon • Wave-particle duality • Energy levels in atoms and line spectra • Band theory • The production and use of X-rays Topic 26 Nuclear physics • Mass defect and nuclear binding energy • The spontaneous and random nature of radioactive decay AS Level Answers to Now it’s your turn and Examination style questions • A Level Answers to Now it’s your turn and Examination style questions • Index Student’s CD contents Interactive Tests • Topic summaries & Definitions and formulae • Revision checklists • Examination structure • Planning revision • Examination technique • Glossary of command words • Calculation of uncertainty in a result • Significant figures and decimal places • Proportionality and linearity • Straight-line graphs ISBN - 9781471809217

Pages : 416

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