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New Titles
Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainability, And Peace by Vandana Shiva
Guru Nanak And His Teachings For Humanity by Dr. Harshindar Kaur, Dr. Gurpal Singh
Amritsar & Darbar Sahib by Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer
An Introduction to mathematical economics by D. Bose
A Complete Set of All Four Vedas in Sanskrit-English and Transliteration (8Vols) by Dr. Tulsiram
Total Quality Management by Dr K.C. Arora
Sustainable Engineering by Dr Srinivas Vasam, Dr K. Jagannadha Rao
Energy Management by Dr Sanjeev Singh, Umesh Rathore
A Text Book of Business Management by Ritwik Haldar
Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 24th Edition by William C. Lipps, Ellen Burton Braun-Howland, Terry E. Baxter
C++ Programming Language, 4e by Bjarne Stroustrup
Representations of Finite Groups by C.Musili
Linear Algebra and Linear Models (3/E) by R. B. Bapat
The Bachchans: A Saga Of Excellence by S.M.M. Ausaja
Electronics (Hindi) by Vijay S. K.
Crystallography Applied to Solid State Physics by Verma, A.R.
Quantum Mechanics by Thankappan, V.K.
Laser Systems and Applications (All India) by Srivastava, S.K.
Laser Systems and Applications (AKTU) by Srivastava, S.K.
Engineering Physics: Theory and Experiments (All India) by Srivastava, S.K.
Engineering Physics : Theory and Experiments (AKTU) by Srivastava, S.K.
Practical Physics (Electricity, Magnetism, Electronics and Optics) by Srivastava, Anchal
Engineering Physics (JNTU), Kakinada by Srinivasan, M.R.
Engineering Physics (All India) by Srinivasan, M.R.
Applied Solid State Physics: A Textbook on Materials Science by Srinivasan, M.R.
Microwave Circuits and Passive Devices by Sisodia, M.L.
Thermal and Statistical Physics by Singh, R.B.
Elementary Mechanics of Solids by Singh, P.N.
Applied Thermodynamics by Singh, Onkar
Direct Energy Conversion and Prospective Technologies by Singal, R.K.
Practical Physics by Shukla, R.K.
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by Sherwin, C.W.
Engineering Physics: Theory and Experiments (RTU) by Sharma, S S
Engineering Physics: Theory and Experiments (All india) by Sharma, S S
Classical Electrodynamics by Sengupta, P.
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves by Sarwate, V.V.
A Primer of Special Relativity by Sardesai, P.L.
Engineering Physics-I (As per Anna University) by Sankar, B.N.
Engineering Physics-I (All India) by Sankar, B.N.
Fundamentals of Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer (SI Units) by Sachdeva, R. C.
Nuclear Physics : Theory and Experiments by Roy, R.R.
Introduction to Materials Handling by Ray, Siddhartha
Modern Physics by Rao, B.V. Narayana
Diagnostics and Failure Prevention in Turbo-Machine by Rangwala, A.S.
Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering by Rajadurai, J. Selwin
Engineering Mechanics by Raghunath, H.M.
Textbook of Engineering Physics by Pillai, S.O.
Solid State Physics by Pillai, S.O.
Modern Physics and Solid State Physics: Problems and Solutions by Pillai, S.O.
Essentials of Engineering Physics by Pillai, S.O.
Engineering Physics-II (Anna University) by Pillai, S.O.
Engineering Physics-II (All India) by Pillai, S.O.
Engineering Physics (JNTU-Hyderabad) by Pillai, S.O.
Applied Physics by Pillai, S.O.
Fundamentals of Fibre Optics in Telecommunication and Sensor Systems by Pal, Bishnu P.
A Textbook on Professional Ethics and Human Values (JNTU) by Naagarazan, R.S.
JEE Main Plus! Physics by Mishra, D.K.
Advanced Analytical Dynamics of a Practical by Mandal, Arun Kumar
Laboratory Manual for Introductory Electronics Experiments by Maheshwari, L. K.
Engineering Physics -II (Theory and Experiments) (RTU) by Ladiwala, G.D.
Digital Signal Processing by Kumar, B.
Aptitude Test Problems in Physics by Krotov, S.S.
Strength of Materials by Kothari, D.P.
Electrical Circuit Analysis and Synthesis by Kothari, D.P.
Nuclear Radiation Detectors by Kapoor, S.S.
Superconductivity by Kakani, S.L.
Nanotechnology by Kakani, S.L.
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology by Kakani, S.L.
Nanoscale Transistors by Kakani, S.L.
Nanoelectronics by Kakani, S.L.
Material Science by Kakani, S.L.
Fundamentals of Nanoscience by Kakani, S.L.
Engineering Materials by Kakani, S.L.
Electronics: Theory and Applications by Kakani, S.L.
Carbon Nanotubes by Kakani, S.L.
Advances in Optics: Modern Optics by Kakani, S.L.
A Textbook of Electronics by Kakani, S.L.
Physical Foundations of Materials Science by Kakani S L
Problem in General Physics by Irodov IE
Basic Laws of Electromagnetism by Irodov IE
IIT-JEE Physics Solved Papers by Gupta, S.C.
Electromagnetic Field and Waves by Gupta, Navneet
Classical Mechanics of Particle and Rigid Bodies by Gupta, K.C.
Advanced Strength of Materials by Ghosh, D.
A Textbook of Strength of Materials by Ghosh, D.
Non-Conventional Energy Resources (All India) by Chauhan, D.S.
Electronics: Fundamentals and Applications by Chattopadhyay, D.
Problem Solving in Surveying(Theory and Multiple Choice Objective Type Questions) by Chandra, A.M.
Electricity and Magnetism by Chakraborty, P
Finite Element Analysis by Bhavikatti, S.S.
Classical Mechanics by Agrawal, H.M.
VAULT Guide to Flight Attendant Careers by VAULT
Fire Safety in Buildings by Jain, V.K.
Making of GGSIP University and The Man Behind by Gupta, Ritu
Particle Physics and Cosmology by Mukherjee, S.N.
Understanding Cosmic Panorama by Krishnaswamy, K.S.
Space Science by Krishnaswamy, K.S.
Review of HIV/AIDS and STDs by Bhatia, M.S.
Geotechnical Engineering by Venkatramaiah, C
Water Pollution and Management by Varshney, C.K.


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