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1. Walmart : Key Insights and Practical Lessons from the World"s Largest Retailer
by Bryan Roberts, Natalie Berg

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Walmart, one of the biggest retailers on earth and the world’s biggest commercial employer, has a truly global influence that touches consumers and businesses around the world every day. Rapidly expanding into emerging markets, Walmart is a tough competitor for retailers as well as a source of best practice in a number of retail disciplines such as procurement, logistics, systems and store format innovation. Walmart offers a comprehensive insight into how the retailer emerged from its humble roots in rural Arkansas to become a global retailing phenomenon. With a thorough analysis of all main aspects of the business and interviews from the leading figures within the company, it investigates what the retailer gets right, as well as what it gets Wrong and provides a comprehensive insight into the many functions that contribute to its operations. Contents: Is Walmart the best-positioned retailer on the globe? • Rise of consumerism • Arrival of the boom times • House of (Walmart) brands • Shifting away from national brands • Great values • The globalization of private label • The brands behind the private labels • Don’t aggravate the customer • I can’t believe it’s not on shelves • We didn’t add back 3,000... no it was more like 9,000 • SKU rationalization: far from perfection but a vital process • Doing more with less • Outsmarting the elephant • It’s an EDLP world • The consumer advocate and king of deflation • Recession lesson #1: never take your eye off the customer • The path to efficiency • How Walmart broke the supermarket pricing model • Too concerned with trading down over trading out • No need for weapons of mass distraction • Preço Baixo Todo Dia: is it an EDLP world? • EDLP doesn’t exist without EDLC • Kakaku Yasuku - EDLP implementation isn’t always seamless • Walmart versus inflation • Walmart and its suppliers • Walmart and its suppliers: the evolution of collaboration • Canoeing with P&G • Dinner with General Electric • Collaboration takes hold • Is collaboration on the wane? • ‘Tough but fair negotiations’ • The dependence of US suppliers on Walmart 80 Pharmaceuticals and alcohol have a convoluted route to the shopper • Tobacco & confectionery - the McLane clause • Lack of disclosure from private and international businesses • Reliance on Walmart as high as 55 per cent • P&G leading the way • The power is now with Walmart • Walmart’s shopper-centricity driving customer-centricity from suppliers • Is Walmart lacking insight? • As Walmart evolves, suppliers must follow suit • Structural alignment is key • Assortment editing and the impact on suppliers • Vendors and sustainability • Removing the margin-takers • The evolution of global sourcing at Walmart • New global sourcing strategy unveiled in 2010 • Does global buying really exist? • Grocery is still a national business • Walmart’s quest for leverage • Global Brands Imports gaining traction • GMCs yielding results • Still leading in logistics • The scale of Walmart’s logistics system • In-house supply chain development • Food for thought • Supplier collaboration • Globalizing supply chain excellence • Globalizing one country at a time • Greening the supply chain • Implications for suppliers • The surest way to predict the future is to invent it • Technology takes hold in the 1970s • The 1980s: technology acceleration in-store • Opening the inner sanctum: Walmart’s use of third-party IT suppliers • Data warehousing: helping Walmart drink from a hosepipe of information • Retail Link: a new era for Walmart and its suppliers • The false dawn of RFID • The globalization of technology in Walmart • Technology and private label development • Price optimization • Bean counting and number-crunching • In-store technology • ‘Our computer really does give us the power of competitive advantage’ • Facing up to a multi-channel future • From Little Rock to Big Apple • The Supercenter and Walmart’s rise to grocery domination • he final frontier: getting bigger by going small • The icing on the cake • The British are coming • Grandma, the Manhattanite and fraternity boys • The kings of convenience: US drugstores • Living off Walmart’s crumbs • Digital evolution • Democratization of technology • Amazon - ‘the Walmart of our era’ • Going • Going global: Walmart’s international retail leadership • Walmart International’s market entry strategies • By the numbers • Walmart International in context • Walmart International performance • The scope and scale of Walmart International • Channel strategy • Small-box development • Walmart International: the good, the bad and the ugly • Where next? • Tomorrow’s Walmart ISBN - 9780749462734

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